Hsiu Hsiu Shop - piercing shop on Ximending Tattoo Street 


Do you want a souvenir that’s a bit more permanent? Is your country, just like ours, very expensive when it comes to making piercings, and you want to take the opportunity to get a better price? Do you want a piercing abroad but don’t know which place to choose, and don’t want to risk it being unprofessional? It can be hard to find a good place just by looking on the internet, but don’t worry. We’ve got your back, because we just visited Hsiu Hsiu Shop and got ourselves some piercings!  


We made ear piercings and a eyebrow piercing. The eyebrow piercing cost NTD $1000, and it was NTD $300 for the ear (each hole), not including the earrings. They have many different earrings to choose from, in different styles and price range. The piercings are made with a needle, and it’s all very professional. The whole procedure went very quick and smooth, and wasn’t very painful. They made sure that we saw that the equipment was new before they started, and afterwards they told of to come back if we had any problem, and they would provide free aftercare if needed.  


How to get there?  

From Beimen WOW, ride the green line in the Xindian direction and get off after two stops at Ximen station. Choose exit number 6, and enter the Ximending shopping area. When the street divides into three roads, follow the middle one for one block and then turn left. It's also possible to search for "Ximending Tattoo Street" on Google Maps to find the location.