When speaking of temples in Taipei, Longshan Temple is the first one on many people's minds. It's the most famous temple in the city, with a long history and rich decorations. It's open everyday from 6am to 10pm. 


Getting to Longshan Temple is very easy, since there's even a Metro Station dedicated to the landmark. From Beimen WOW, ride the Bannan Line from Taipei Main Station for two stops until the Longshan Temple Station. Choose exit number 1, and the temple will be right across the street and impossible to miss. 

Longshan temple can at times become very crowded, especially since it's quite narrow compared to other temples in Taipei, like the Confucius Temple. It's also frequently visited for praying, so you'll certainly not be the only one there. The temple has very impressive building decorations and we recommend going on a sunny day to see all the colorful details. 

Don't miss the two night markets nearby - Guangzhou and Huaxi Night Market. The latter one is especially famous for being an indoor street with tons of food stalls.