Dihua Street (迪化街) is one of Taipei’s many beautiful places. You can find anything from traditional stores to ancient architecture or modern cafés. If you like visiting temples, this street is also a good place for that. Nowadays young people go to the Taipei Xiahai City God Temple to pray for a happy love life and a good job.

In this street’s stores, you can find a variety of Taiwanese snacks, from Tree Ear (木耳: 木: tree – 耳: ear, typical mushroom), to Bird’s nest (燕窩: 燕: bird – 窩: nest, a delicacy in Taiwanese cuisine) to delicious and fluffy Mantou (饅頭: a type of cloud-like steamed bread).

This Street is so colourful that it can be overwhelming, no matter if it rains or snows, this street is always alive. Its buildings combine traditional architecture with modern elements to create a cozy atmosphere.

Still, if you get tired and you want to go relax, you can go for a walk by the Tamsui river, which is within walking distance. There, you can enjoy the views, breathe fresh air or simply entertain yourself by watching the river crabs.