Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enter The Upside Down? Well, we have something you might like. It only takes one hour from Beimen Wow Poshtel to get to the mysterious and enchanting Wanli UFO Village (萬里飛碟屋).

To get there, first, you must go to Taipei Bus Station, and take line 1815 to Emerald Bay (翡翠灣). It costs 88 NTD for a single journey ticket. Once you get there, just go towards the ocean, and you will find the UFO houses.

These alien spacecraft-looking structures were the brainchild of Finnish Architect Matti Suuronen in the late 1960s, they were supposed to make a good vacation home, but it turned out Emerald Bay was a poor location choice because:

- The summers are long, hot and humid and most locals don’t like tanning.

- The bay was never really safe or suitable for swimming.

- Going anywhere near the ocean during Ghost Month is culturally taboo.

So, to sum things up, basically both investors and tourists abandoned the village. But the houses are still standing and slowly recovering, there’s even a few houses were people are actually living in.

After visiting the UFO houses, you can go take a walk by the beautiful Pacific Ocean or visit the village temple.

Personal recommendations:

- Bring some food with you because there’s nowhere were you can go to eat.

- If you are visiting in summer bring a lot of water.